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Posted by Arlo on Sep 21, 2010 under Postcard Valet, Website

Okay, so I have a question for our readers.  Down below is a quick poll for you to complete, but first, a little background:

When Oksana and I started thinking about a travel podcast, I made some decisions that I hoped would keep me organized.  You may have noticed that all our video episodes begin with “PV” and a number.  Makes it easy to count episodes that way, right?  I set up the podcast on iTunes to only accept videos with a certain tag so that all the extraneous entries, say those tagged with “photography” 0r “writing,” wouldn’t pollute the feed.

Well, recently I posted two videos that were never intended to be included in the Postcard Valet video podcast, but that were still travel related.  One was a repeat episode of PV011 with Russian subtitles, the other was a quick one-off about Hurricane Earl, which I planned to rush through without knocking myself out on things like editing and music.

When it came time to post them online, I really didn’t know how (or whether) to integrate them into our video podcast.  Ultimately, I opted not to, but I wonder what option you, our subscriber, would prefer, if given the choice.  If you wouldn’t mind taking the time to let me know your preference below, I’d really appreciate the help in making the decision.

By the way, there are at least three feeds you can subscribe to right now:

1) The A Midgett Blog feed contains everything I post, travel-related or not. It also works as a podcast.
2) The Postcard Valet feed on iTunes contains only the videos we’re most proud of (there are currently 11 episodes.)
3) There is another (sort of hidden) Postcard Valet feed that includes all travel-related content.


If we were to post "casual" travel-related audio and video clips on Postcard Valet, how would you like them to appear with respect to the existing video podcast?
  • I only want to subscribe to ONE iTunes podcast, so just throw the casual stuff into the one that's already there.
  • I like the idea of casual audio and video clips, but don't want them mixed in with the higher-quality episodes. I would rather subscribe to a SECOND podcast of "extras!"
  • I prefer the way things are now (NO casual clips in ANY podcast). If other people want to subscribe to that stuff, let them get it from A Midgett Blog.
  • I have no idea what you're talking about, but it sounds interesting! I WOULD subscribe to your podcast if I knew how!
  • Other (I have a BETTER idea; I'll explain it below in the comments!)
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I’ll leave this poll up for a week or so, before making a decision.  Thanks for your help.