PV004: Butterflies of Iguazú

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There’s no shortage of butterflies in Iguazú National Park.  Here’s proof. We might revisit Iguazú in a later podcast — there’s still a story to tell about how the Devil ate my lens cap — but I think we’ll move on to another destination for next week. The following is a transcript of the above video for Google’s benefit (ignore it, watch the video instead!)

Let’s call this a…
Postcard Valet
Temporary Intro

Mariposas de Iguazú
Butterflies of Iguazú
November 2008

Arlo and I just finished hiking this little trail that we went on and we just saw a really nice little waterfall and had our lunch.  Well, we’re hiking back, all sweaty and come out to the road and there’s this big butterfly buzzing around.

(No, he’s on your shirt.)

Apparently, they’re attracted to the sweat, the salts that are… that all the people in the park bring to it.  They put their hands on the railings or on the trees or whatever and it attracts the butterflies.

(He’s licking me!)

It started tickling him and trying to get his sweat and grabbing to his skin with its little feet.


(Okay, that’s too weird.)

(So how do you like Argentina?  Apparently the butterflies attack you!)

(You know, there’s a couple butteflies here in Iguazu!)

And, at first, we thought it was hilarious — (It’s on your ear!) — so, I’m trying to take pictures and then trying to take video of him, and the time goes on and on, and the butterfly’s not flying away!

We’re like, “(gasp) Don’t move!  Quick, get the camera!

(Hold on a second, stay there.)

Oksana got the camera, took some pictures, and I kind of turned the camera around so it could look at me… and then we realized that that butterfly wasn’t going anywhere.

The buttefly wouldn’t go away!

So Arlo’s walking around going, “Come on!  Fly away, fly away!”


And Oksana thought it was hilarous.  She just was giggling the whole time.


I didn’t want to pinch its wings to get it off because I know that damages them, but, literally, I couldn’t get it off.

(What can you do?)

(Okay, Mr. Butterfly.  It’s time for me to go!  I’m walking… (sigh))


It took us probably 15 minutes to get rid of the butterfly!


Postcard Valet Episode 4
Butterflies of Iguazú

Mariposas de Iguazú

This video is for Analeece, who said we couldn’t miss
Iguazú and told me all about the butterflies before we left for Argentina…

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