Burn out

Posted by Arlo on Feb 9, 2011 under Postcard Valet, Travel

Oksana and I just passed the 90-day mark on our time out of the country.  I think it’s fair to say we’ve both experienced a bit of homesickness during that time.  On nights where we’re too tired to go out and find something to eat, Oksana misses our kitchen.  When I got sick (I mean, really sick), I missed our bed, and more, our bathroom!

We’re in La Paz, Bolivia right now, taking advantage of some down time.  It feels like we’ve been rushing since we spent the New Year in Lima, partly because we’d promised to meet some friends in Uyuni in early February.  Well, we made that date, but we had to bail out of our planned 3-day tour with them when both Oksana and I came down with some really nasty intestinal thing.

Being on the run hasn’t been conducive to sitting down and editing podcast videos.  At the end of the day, by the time I’ve managed to upload some photos, update our GPS track, and post a few updates on Facebook and Twitter, I’m usually too mentally wiped out to sit down and tackle hours of video.  Before we leave La Paz again, though, I’m going to post at least one new video (about Ecuador’s tagua nuts.  I know… what?!)

We have a ton of videos in the pipeline, however.  More on that in a sec…

If you’ve been following us on Twitter and/or Facebook, you probably already know a bit about our upcoming plans.  We’re going to use the rest of February to work our way back south through Bolivia, probably stopping in Sucre, Potosí, and Uyuni again.  From there, we’ll cross into Chile and make our way down to Santiago; we’re meeting a friend from Anchorage who’s going to travel with us for a couple weeks.  She’ll fly back home out of Buenos Aires in mid-March and I think we’ll take some “real” downtime there.  Maybe enough to make renting an apartment worthwhile…

That’s the next opportunity I foresee where I’ll have enough time to edit together more than one podcast episode.

(Note: I decided that I wanted this to be a permanent feature of Postcard Valet and moved the poll to it’s own page called Upcoming Podcasts.)

The last time I put a poll up on the website, we had a severely underwhelming response.  I’m hoping, this time, enough of our readers will take the time to let us know their opinion.  If you don’t, I promise to edit the most boring videos first!