PVX: McDonald’s in Uruguay

Posted by Arlo on May 26, 2011 under McDonald's of the World, Postcard Valet, PV-Podcast, Travel, Videos

Alright, I finally get to remove the “‡” next to Uruguay!

We had fun eating at McDonald’s in Uruguay, but to tell the truth, I was more excited to continue eating the Angus Premium burgers we’d discovered in Argentina.  McUruguay had a great name for a burger, however. The “McBacon” sounded like mana from heaven, but it was nothing to write home about (still worth making a podcast about, however!)  I didn’t realize this after the first bite (so it isn’t on camera), but there are actually two hamburger patties in the McBacon which means it’s just a Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

You may notice some audio problems with this clip.  That’s because we were eating outside and the microphone picked up some wind noise.  Strange thing was, every time the wind buffeted the mic, the auto leveler would drop the audio gain for a long time thereafter.  I tried to bring the levels back in line a bit, but it’s still noticeable.  Always use the mic muff outdoors; lesson learned.

Finally, at another Uruguayan McDonald’s in Montevideo, we discovered a small twist on the soft serve vanilla cones.  The ice cream was the same, but the cone was made of Oreos!  Wasn’t worth breaking out the camera and trying to edit it in, but it was worth eating!

Oreo cone

(The “‡” meaning: “Countries I have visited and have NOT eaten at a McDonald’s, but ones which I plan to revisit within the next WEEK(!!) and remedy that situation.”)

Costa rica
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico, US Territory
Netherlands *
England *
Cuba –
Colombia †

* Just in the airport
– Countries I have visited in which there are no McDonald’s
† Countries I have visited and have NOT eaten at a McDonald’s