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Arlo Midgett lives in Juneau, Alaska.

He works for the University of Alaska Southeast, where his daily duties do not often correspond with his job title.  If required to file for unemployment, however, he will still have to write “Digital Media Specialist” on the application.

He shaves his head because he started to lose his hair at an unfairly young age, but he’s comfortable trading that particular genetic malady for all the other things that could have been bestowed upon him at birth (failing eyesight, a slow metabolism, early-onset death, etc.)

He prefers two spaces after a period and stands behind the use of the Oxford comma.

His favorite color is #002AFF.

He finds that writing a bio is surprisingly difficult.

He secretly hopes that a mysterious, wealthy patron will materialize and fully finance his dreams of world travel. *

* He got tired of waiting. From July 2010-July 2011, he and his wife, Oksana, will be backpacking around the world while everything he owns that doesn’t fit in a pack will sit in storage.