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Ahoy hoy?

If you have something to say in response to one of my blog entries, please consider leaving a comment.  Not only does it make sense to keep the conversation going in the same place, but I also feel all warm and fuzzy inside when someone proves they’re actually reading.

If you would like to get in touch with me about anything else, e-mail is probably your best bet.  Unless I’m on vacation, I can usually be counted on to check my inbox at least once a day.  For what it’s worth, I strive for (but sometimes fail at) prompt responses.

My most frequently checked e-mail addresses are (in order):

If you don’t hear back from me, it might be because your message got caught up in one of my spam filters.  If your e-mail is of the utmost importance — you know, one of those life-or-death typing situations — you’d better just CC it to all those accounts.  If you can manage not to mention Viagra or Cialis, I’ll bet it’ll make it through to the inbox of at least one of them.

Other ways you can get in touch:

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